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How Do You Choose a Realtor

Let’s face it, choosing a Realtor has become a process.

Well, maybe that’s not the case if you’re lucky and already have a Realtor that you’ve established a great relationship with and trust. Yes, trust. Remember that. We will come back to that very important word.

Walking into vote a short while ago I got thinking about perception.

Both front runners in this election (in fact, most of the faces of the other parties) sound like they have good ideas on ways to continue to build Canada and improve the lives of its citizens. So if they all have mostly good ideas, and their advertising and commercials all paint powerful messages, it would be fair to say that the public’s perception of them is the tool they use to get a fair portion of their votes.

Most decisions in life are made this way –

from what you decide to eat to where you decide to shop, and from what you watch on TV to who will help you to sell your house.

Advertising sends a specific message to us and creates a specific perception of how we view a product or person. Though essentially just coffee houses, there’s a big difference in what comes to mind when you see a Tim Horton’s ad versus a Starbucks ad.

If advertising is just pushing perception without offering anything concrete to back up reputation, how can you be sure of any of your choices?

How do you get the person that will really help you reach your goals? In my case, how do you choose your Realtor?

Good question. Now we are getting somewhere!

When you choose a realtor, do you look for experience? Can too much make them hard headed and do they still work as hard as when they first started? Do you want someone who is hungry and enthusiastic, great out of the gate? Maybe they’d lack experience and miss something? How about marketing? Many Realtors have become very tech-savvy and are great at creating an online audience, but does the screen time not match up to the people skills when face to face is needed? Or what about your “people” people; some people are just great with face to face meetings, but do they lack the know-how needed to engage an important online audience?

Posing all of these questions might not be making it any easier on you. You may quickly run back to making those perception based decisions again.

Like any profession, there are just people that are naturally good at what they do, but most of all, they are good at what they do because people trust them. People trust them because they have earned it. Of all the good experiences I have had in this business, none have filled me with more satisfaction than that one line – We trust you, Hudson. 

I didn’t start with experience, I had no marketing budget to even create any sort of perception, and to be real here, my kids are teaching me how to use Instagram. But when I walk into a room my first goal will always be to build trust. Without that as a fundamental starting block, all you have to go on is perception anyways.

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