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Year in Review

“The foundation upon which my business was built is the bedrock of trust that we have created together.”

Hudson Smith

What a special time of year Christmas is.

Sure, the stress of racing around, fighting traffic and lineups are maybe not what we look forward to, but are perhaps rather a necessary labour that make the moments where things ultimately slow down that much better.
It is hard to identify another time of year where almost everyone is on the same page as they are during Christmas. As fast paced as things seem right now, we all look forward to the time we will savour with the people we care the most about.  

My career in real estate has been more than a job, it has been a lifestyle of building relationships through special moments.

Finding a home can be the most important decision of people’s lives. Some people do it often, some people only once. And for some, maybe not at all. This time of year takes me back to a lot of those moments – helping people with those decisions, and adding as much value along the way as I can. I will always take time for the ones I care about, but the relationships that I have built in this wonderful career have given me the unique and special opportunity to care for many more people.

Selling property for 15 years, I have worked with many clients and their families, and of course now in some cases am even starting to work with their kids.

These relationships are important to me.

It’s amazing to help people with such a life shift; for them to look at you and hope you can add the peace of mind and confidence they need for such a major milestone. Having a career in sales, everyone knows that when a house is bought or sold, I get paid. Don’t misunderstand – it is a great feeling when my clients are successful. But the goals I have set in this line of work are far more substantial than anything resembling a monetary reward.

It is the moment when my clients turn to me and ask what I think, when it means something to them that I weigh in, not because they think I will tell them what they want to hear, but because they have come to trust that I will tell them what they need to hear. These are the moments that mean the most to me.  

Past clients called the other day, ten years after buying their first home with me, and are now considering another move. They are great people and it would be wonderful to start that journey with them again. The fact that I had made an impact on that decision so long ago, that their lives had changed so much in that decade, but that the trust was still there from the value I had hoped to add back then…  

these are my moments.

They are those moments that galvanize the goals I set when I started in a business where I knew service and people’s best interest would be put before anything else. If I always strived to be better the next day than the one before, if I led my industry by example, and if those simple initiatives were committed to, then the career I had hoped to have would be there. These moments I think of often, and Christmas just seems like a fitting time to remind the people that have played a part in making up those moments of how I feel, and of course offer thanks to each and every one.  

As I remember all my moments over the year and years before, I can’t help but get excited about the new moments to come. The new clients, the past clients I may work with again, and any call looking for value to be added from someone they know they can trust to help. 

Buying, selling, investing… it doesn’t matter. Trust is what is being sought, and it’s what I have always been offering.  

As my excitement builds for the new year to come, my thanks drift to the talented people I work with: Shanna, whose steadfast approach to keeping my team organized and our client’s service top of mind is something I have grown to count on. Greg, who is one of the most talented agents I have met, driven with young enthusiasm and a client-first approach. And now Jordyn who recently became a licensed realtor, yet background in this field creates a seasoned beginning anyone will find confidence in. 

I look forward to my team members having their own special moments with both my clients and theirs in the years to come. And I cannot help but smile with fondness, of course, not for a team I created, but one that organically found me, and represents the levels of service I had set out to deliver from the start. It is one thing to hire someone, but to shake hands with talented people that share your same goals has made this next chapter even more special. 

I’m sure I can speak for my team and my family when offering another thanks to my many clients and friends that have trusted me with these important moments in their life and for all the fond memories shared along the way.

I look forward to creating many more and having people know that the foundation upon which my business was built is the bedrock of trust that we have created together. 

Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


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