Newsletter December 2015

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The year ahead in real estate

Get ready, Get set…

Written by: Kailey Clarke, Hudson Smith Real Estate Group

If you are looking at moving in the new year, a conversation with a Realtor should probably start now. Are you upgrading, downsizing, or buying for the first time? Each scenario may require something different. Have you talked to your mortgage representative?  How long do homes like yours take to sell? How often do homes you like come on the market? Does your house require work before listing? All these questions have answers, but each will require a specific strategy to ensure your goals are met. Sometimes this planning takes longer to execute than one would think. For the sellers; as your Realtor I  would want to ensure you have had an opportunity to speak with our home staging professional. Yes, that lime green bathroom, leaking tap, and overflowing closet may not be the best way to market your home. Also, knowing when the property should hit the market will be important as supply and demand will impact what the property sells for. For the buyer, an early meeting would give me the opportunity to listen to your needs, wants and wish list and together understand supply of those homes and what our expectations should be for next year. For buyers and sellers; careful planning together will allow us to understand whether buying or selling first is more important, and as a top producing realtor with good instincts and market knowledge I will comfortably help you make the right decision.  I am ready to make a plan for you. The market can take off  quickly after New Years, so if you have a head start you’ll be ready for the market when the market is ready for you.