Newsletter January 2016

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Planning on Moving in the New Year

2016: What a year it will be…

Everyone loves the new year, a new beginning for some, unfinished business for others.
Dreams, goals, and ambitions have been pondered over the last couple of weeks and people are making their own resolutions on how to achieve them. At Hudson Smith Fine Homes, I always make this time of year a priority to set goals that we can collectively work towards together. I find accountability one of the greatest motivators, and without it new heights can never be reached. I love what we do and how we do it. But I am also aware that it can always be better.

Today’s world changes so fast, along with everything in it. Performance in every sense of the word is tested through the adaptation and use of new technology. How people learn about, and most importantly shop for real estate is something that must be kept up with. Guelph has a healthy real estate market; consistently offering home owners appreciation in value, and for people getting into the market a safe harbour for investing, whether it’s a family home or an extension of investment into real estate.

For me, the sales aren’t the most important part though, and in a strong market determining what is a success is often clouded by the thinking that just selling is the goal. We want to do it better, we never want what we did to come into question, and we want our value to be apparent right from the start. We want clients new or past, young or old, to understand what we offer and how we will do it. Like any sales profession, unless you secure your clients through a higher level of service they will always be someone else’s prospects.

We look forward to working hard for our clients again, earning the business of new ones, and re-dedicating ourselves to a consistent commitment of excellence and to continue to be leaders in our industry. Putting our clients first has always been easy for us, and knowing that we can always do it better is just awareness that things don’t stay the same.

Happy New Year.