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Should I wait until Spring? (2021)

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Does that title sound familiar? It should, as I believe I have written this same title before.


However, the content of this article is completely different. I can’t ignore the fact like Groundhog Day, this is the time of year I get these types of questions all of the time. My answer just happens to be different this year, and worthwhile to explain why.

Look, no one puts more confidence in our Guelph real estate market than me. I have invested in this market for 25 years and I hope to continue to do so for the next 25 years. I know I always use this line, yet it’s true and relevant; real estate isn’t about timing, it’s about time IN.

What is there not to feel great about here in Guelph?


New development moves at a snail’s pace keeping the pressure on resale. If you never have to drive anywhere, you probably have a hard time appreciating how close to everything Guelph really is. A University town, with old charm, and an up and coming buzz. I love it here, and the secret has been out for a few years now. What was once an affordable option west of Toronto, is now a household name for its community feel with no lack of convenience. And here we are in another amazing year.

What will turn that around? Low interest rates? Too much supply? Not right now.

But in complementing our great market, I’m getting away from the big question people are asking, “Should I list now?”.

Well, that depends. Have you found a house yet? That’s the harder part if you are buying and selling, and definitely the one you should accomplish first. Look, whenever you do find that perfect home, you will be buying and selling in the same market. So, it really doesn’t matter, but for people that have found their home and are closing on it next year in 2021, this is very important.


Of course, the knee jerk question to a 2021 closing in February, March, or April, is “Will I list in the new year?”, “Why should I try to sell my house now when the hope is still to get in before Christmas?”.


I know why you would think that, for goodness sakes, that is the advice I have given before! What’s different now? The buyers are different, and I am a believer in always working with the things we know. The market is great right now, that can’t be disputed, and more often than not, a buyer is willing to flex on things like a closing date to get the house they want. 

The market has been a competitive landscape all year, and this could be the fever pitch. 


To sum things up, traditionally waiting to sell your home in the new year is a great idea. It’s a way of tapping into an audience where the criteria is all the same. However, the strength of the real estate market right now should not be ignored. If you are targeting to close on a home this year or early next, right now is the time. Buyers are more than willing to wait; they’ve already waited this long. As always, for any real estate questions, call me anytime, I’m always up for a chat.

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