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The Tim Horton’s Drive Thru: Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman

The decline of social interaction …

We have created a world of valuing connections with likes and emoji’s …

never having to actually connect with anyone.

We might as well live on other sides of the country for the amount of face to face interaction we have. Why is it that everyone is “connected” but people have never felt more lonely. We measure our worth on likes and shares as opposed to real life relationships and human connection.

My line of work in Real Estate is unique and my approach is just as unique in this day of age.

Actually, not unique, it’s more like the way things used to be.

I walk into Tim Hortons to order my coffee every morning, avoiding the drive thru. Cathy greets me and already has my usual regular poured before I even get to the counter. She smiles, as do I, and we wish each other a good day.

For years at the bank, the tellers have reminded me as I waited in line with an average age of 65 years old customers, “You know, we have online banking”. I always respond with “Oh I know, I just prefer to come in and deal with you here”. I have sold 4 homes to one teller that used to work there. And another just called me with some real estate needs of her own. “How did you hear of me?” I asked. “You were always so nice to everyone at the bank when you came in” she answered.

This approach isn’t for business; it’s just how I like my life to be.

My job isn’t about sales either, it’s about relationships. The sales just happen to be a byproduct of a lot of great relationships.

Sure, we still market online heavily with posts of pretty pictures, sold signs, and staged pictures of beautiful homes. This is the direction the majority of realtor marketing has gone. Videos of me, talking about the industry or weighing in on the important things that help a house sell.

At the end of the day, I know where my business comes from …

it comes from reaching my hand out and greeting a new client, or a friend, or both. It’s about meeting with someone face to face and having a conversation in person.

Seeing the expression on a client’s face when they react to an offer, or sharing house for sale that happens to be a client’s dream home. This is the true measure of a relationship, not a smiley emoji.

I want real life experiences.

Technology has given us the ability to keep our social connection together, but unfortunately on a very watered down level. It has also given salespeople the ability to work with more people than they should. Let me repeat that: it has also given salespeople the ability to work with more people than they should.

Salespeople, Realtors and anyone who has made technology a priority (and the more is better mindset) over genuine human connection has been spread a little too thin to give 100% to each and every client.


It was so long ago, but Jerry Maguire certainly had it right. Less clients more attention. He realized at the end of the movie that not only was his job exactly how he wanted it, his life was too.

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