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Why Guelph?

There can only be one home, and of course there is only one Guelph.

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Hudson SmithWhy here, of all the places, why is Guelph the city I’ve put down my roots?

Do I like it because it’s all I’ve ever known? No, I have lived elsewhere and I’ve done some traveling so I understand what other cities offer. Over all other communities, cities and towns I prefer Guelph. Well, if I like it so much, why doesn’t everyone just live here? Maybe they’re trying; I mean look at our rise in real estate prices …

– it would appear the secret’s out.

T here is always something special about the hometown where you grew up and the memories that you have. Big or small, busy or quiet, we are conditioned to love what we are familiar with. When we grow up we don’t have control over where we live but we adjust to our surroundings. As we get older and our independence develops we can make the choice to go where we want, and see what we want.

For me, it has always been here. Guelph is everything I could hope for.

People I trust and love live here, there is kindness in the community, great schools and great culture. I could go on with what it offers, but sometimes it’s just a feeling. The feeling you get when you walk down a certain street, or the peace of mind you have when your kids walk home from school.Top 21 things to do in Guelph


This Guelph is where I will always be.

Sure, I will travel as there are other places I still want to see, but in an attempt to be the best father I can be I know living in Guelph gives me all that I need. Guelph allows me to raise my children in a community that cares about them and their well being, offers so much to see and do, has a sense of pride, provides peace of mind and has a silent strength. Beyond a city there is a tight-knit community that makes everyone feel welcome. I am confident Guelph is the best place to live, work and play … hands-down.

I have seen Guelph change in many ways over my 37 years here. I have watched what I thought was the south-end become uptown. I’ve watched the country become the city. I’ve watched the first overpass be built, and the first Walmart, and then the second one. I have supported some change, debated about others and even worried about things too! It all seems to work out in the end and I have come to embrace change in this beautiful city.

This is my home, and although I have watched it transform and change I know in my heart it never really has. The small town feel remains the same.

My children will find their own way eventually and possibly move away to pursue their dreams somewhere else. That won’t be easy, but I know they will always circle back because this is home. This town has given us so much, and we continue to give back as a way of saying thank you.

There can sometimes only be one place that feels this good.

There can only be one home, and of course there is only one Guelph and I’m glad it’s mine.

about Guelph

Guelph and Wellington County have a rich and interesting history. Pride in that history can be seen in the downtown core of Guelph through buildings and the various monuments dedicated to the history makers of Guelph’s past. Wellington County keeps its historical traditions alive and welcomes all to come and celebrate their roots. You can experience the story of Guelph and Wellington County through walking tours, museums and festivals.

Guelph was founded in 1827 by John Galt of the Canada Company. The Scotsman, John Galt has been described as an adventurer, novelist, dramatist, biographer and empire-builder.

Guelph officially became a town as of January 1, 1879. The name Guelph has a special significance, it was the family name of the Dukes of Bavaria and through alliance with the Hohenstaufens came to be the surname of the British Royal family when, in 1714, George of Hanover became George I. Tradition relates that John Galt, or one of his companions, laid his outstretched hand on a tree stump and predicted that the streets of the new town would radiate from a central point such as his fingers radiated from his palm. It is true that the main streets of downtown Guelph do follow such a pattern, but which came first, the legend or the plan, remains a mystery.

Downtown Guelph offers a new Market Square with a summer splash pad and a winter ice skating rink. Civic and cultural events take place year-round in this pedestrian-friendly gathering space and while you are downtown you’ll want to make sure you check out some of the unique shopping boutiques and authentic restaurants. Guelph is known for its dedication towards local food and many of the restaurants have made this a part of their repertoire.

History buffs, art lovers, adventurists and festival goers will all find things to do in Guelph. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful and lively city.

Guelph’s success is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of its people, local landscape, proud agricultural heritage and tradition of innovation. The list of Guelph attractions is extensive but here are a few to get you started!

21 Best Things to Do in Guelph


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